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Our Faq's

There was not a single EXCLUSIVE SIKH MATRIMONY site & the urgent need was felt to have one. Over the last years, as per the statistics it’s observed that there’s been a significant increase in the number of Sikh Boys/Girls marrying to other religions because of various factors. We felt that one factor could be the absence of the ‘exclusive platform’ where Sikh Boys / Girls could explore reliable match profiles in good numbers.
- One of the primary objectives is to connect SIKH COMMUNITY WORLDWIDE at a single platform. - This platform will connect far distant matches in the most convenient & transparent manner.
There have been several reports of the mediators (Vicchole) manipulating facts for their selfish benefits & ending up with wrong matches. This platform will cut off the necessity of Vicchole & give direct access to the matches & their families to satisfy themselves before fixing the match.
Your created data will be in the MOST SECURED hands & not circulated to various non-Sikh Matrimony sites/ groups directly by us.